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Our 55th Year Reunion: April 26 - 28, 2013
A Big Success

Class Group Photo

55th Year Reunion Portrait


Well, the big day of celebration for the DHS Class of 1958 has come and gone, and a great day it was.  The 55th year Reunion of our class was an event that some have called the “best reunion of our class, ever".

The Avondale Community Clubhouse was a beehive of activity beginning about 10:00 Saturday Morning and continuing until a little before 11:00 Saturday Evening and by then, exhaustion had set in.  The tour of the now Four Year old Decatur High School Athletic Facilities was enjoyed by many and all were impressed.  The tour was very professionally done by Eddie Fowlkes, a former teacher and coach at Decatur.

The Reunion Committee would like to thank each and every one of you for being there and for your dedication to our class.  It would not have been possible to pull off such an event without your personal and financial support.  Also, a big thank you to J. R. Smith, DHS Class of 1957 for his help.  His experience, knowledge and tireless efforts are appreciated by all.  Our thanks go also to Ellen Winn for manning the Registration Desk for virtually the whole evening and Sally Morrow for her help tending the bar.

The committee and spouses, over the last seven months have gathered at our permanent meeting place, Robin Dashiell Scott’s home and enjoyed many great meals together planning the big event.  Many, many thanks to Robin for allowing us to use her home for these planning sessions.

In closing, we are already talking about our next class gathering, probably in April, 2014.  This will be an informal get together of friends and classmates to enjoy each other’s company, socialize and of course, have lunch or dinner.  Please be on the lookout for more information.  Suggestions and ideas are always welcomed. (Walter Winn)

To recap, on FRIDAY there were no planned activities, but many gathered at the Doubletree hotel, the official site for the reunion,  for social hour and/or dinner. Local classmates joined in as well for a comfortable evening in the very nice, " living room atmosphere".

SATURDAY at 10:30AM, a group of around 40 people met at “The Wall" to enjoy a  tour of the school by historian Eddie Fowlkes.  In appreciation for his services, the class donated $50 to the Decatur Sports History Project.

In the afternoon, free time was enjoyed by all, as many roamed and enjoyed the new look of the city and environs. A striking memorial portrait display of deceased classmates was put together by Rhoda Joyner and graced the entry way to the clubhouse. 

6:30, a delicious barbeque dinner with all the trimmings was served.  After dinner, there was a short program in remembrance of deceased classmates.

The entertainment featured singer Tommy Gurley, the closest thing to Elvis in the area.  This program will be remembered for some time to come.  Classmates danced as Gurley sang old favorites.

Classmate attendees included: Beverly Kenton Askren,  Tommy Beasley,  Katherine Patrick Bridges.  Donna Royal Brim, Candler Broom, Barbara Brown, Jimmy Burton,  Swan Hansen Cornell,  Sarah Mathis Crawford, Ellen Langley Day,  Sandra Deer,  Elaine Bell Derval;s,  Graham Edmunds,  Nancy Burdick Fischer,  Carol Ann Rollins Harrison,  Richard Hills,  Dick Johnston,  Rhoda Morrison Joyner,  Claude (Bucky) Lee, Jim McKinley, Margaret Ann North Mermin,  John Morrow,  Harry Murdaugh,  Howard Patterson,  John Pelton, Tom Pope, Molly Gay Ranck, Chuck Reiley, Virginia Gibson Robb, Lynda Chambers Rudolph, Don Rutledge, Rick Saunders, Jeanne Cravey Scarbrough, Robin Dashiell Scott, James Segars, Gail Matalene Self, Jane Thompson Singleton, Carolyn Fowler Smith, Jimmy Smith, John Smith, Paul Smith, Linda Ward Sommer, Jon Stovall, Ashlyn Weekley Tipton, Ben Trimble, Jane Smithy Wilkins, David Wilsdon, Walter Winn, Bill Womack, and many others.

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1. Click here for slide show of Friday night and Saturday morning (uses file folder "reunion") Turn on your sound.

2. Click here for slide show of Saturday night ("reunion2") Turn on your sound.

3. Click here to view or print the Class Group Picture file "PictureforPrintingNoFrame.jpg". It is located in a folder called "ClassGroupPicture" which also contains a framed version "PictureforPrintingFramed.jpg". You should look at both.

4. Click here for Memorial Class Slide Presentation (taken from the Indecatur)

5. For a video of the class reunion in action taken by Virginia Gibson Robb and Ira
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6. Our class address database
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7. Our classmate Grady Johnson (died 2006) wrestled under the name "Crazy Luke Graham"
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8. Photos taken Friday and Saturday by classmates in full resolution. These are not viewable by clicking here. Use your computer picture viewing program and direct it to the folder: DecaturHSReunionPicsFull Resolution. Use these for printing as they are full resolution.

Picture credits: we are posting the name(s) of the photo submitter(s) because we don't know who actually clicked the shutter.
1.The class group picture:
Ferrell Watson and Eleanor
2.Any photo beginning with "DSC": Carol Pittman Walker and Clifford
3.Any photo beginning with the name "Image": Ben Trimble
and Joanne
4.Any photo beginning with "Pict" or "DSCF" & the reunion videos: Virgina Robb and Ira
5.Any photo beginning with "Photo": Dick Johnson
6.Any photo beginning with "DHS": Walter Winn and Ellen

Photo file names appear in slideshows and in file listings.

                                    Who's who in the class picture.
Numbered class portrait

1- Merle Coulter Land, 2- Robin Dashiell Scott ,  3- James Segars ,  4- Charlotte Penn Sampson ,  5- George Jewette ,  6- Bill Womack , 
7- Carol Pittman Walker ,  8- Ben Trimble ,  9- David Wilsdon , 10- Sandra Deer , 11- Jimmy Smith , 12- Chuck Reiley , 13- Dick Hills ,
14- Carol Ann Rollins Harrison , 15- Katherine [ Kippy] Patrick Bridges , 16- Harry Murdaugh , 17- Jane Smithy Wilkins ,
18- Jeanne Cravey Scarbrough,
19- Beverly Kenton Askren , 20- Ellen Langley Day , 21- Penny Bobo DeHaan , 22- Linda Ward Sommer ,
 23- Virginia Gibson Robb,
4- Lavilla Ward Walker , 25- Rhoda Morrison Joyner ,26- Lynda Chambers Rudolph 27- William Winn,28- John Pelton,
29- Dick Johnston,
30- John Morrow ,31- Rick Saunders ,32- Jim McKinley ,33- Maggie North Mermin ,34- Molly Gay Ranck ,
35- Ashlyn Weekley Tipton ,
36- Jane Thompson Singleton ,37- Sarah Mathis Crawford ,38- Jim Burton ,39- Graham Edmunds ,40- John Smith ,
41- Howard Patterson,
42- Tom Beasley ,43- Carolyn Fowler Smith ,44- Candlar Broom ,45- Gail Karnette Wilkerson ,46- Ferrell Watson ,
47- Claude ( Bucky)  Lee
,48- Don Rutledge ,49- Swan Hansen Cornell ,50- Elaine Bell Dervales,51- Walter Winn ,52- Tom Pope ,53-Paul Smith

Click here for the reunion poem.