Sandra Lawson Bresth

A toast to the Class of '58
And to our reunion in '88
To "Party Doll" and "Twelfth of Never"
To friendship that will last forever.

Here's to the memories we all share
Of ducktails and of crew-cut hair
Black leather jackets on one side
Versus football jackets worn with pride.

Here's to Stone Mountain and McCoy Park
And to stealing kisses in the dark
To the Scott drive-in and a '57 Chevy
To fogging windows, & breathing heavy.

A toast to songs that were just right
Little Darlin', Earth Angel, Teach Me Tonight
Holy Guly, Twilight Time, and many more
There were too many to keep score.

Here's to Elvis Presley and James Dean
Here's to the wonderful 50's scene
Here's to the incredible Varsity Inn
Where many a romance would begin

To our baseball and basketball team
To fairy tales that were not dreams
To the dignity of our R.O. T. C.
To the football team and victory.

To sock hops and dances in the gym
To poodle skirts with a mid-calf hem
To rolled-up jeans and a cashmere sweater
To crinolines, pedal pushers, a school letter.

To all the things that set us apart
Like it being cool, to be smart
To Tatum's Drug Store on the square
To a little peroxide in your hair.

Here's to school spirit and school proms
To the Cheerleaders and pom poms
Here's to the education we managed to get
While living our lives in the best times yet

Here's to the blue and to the gold
A tradition that will not grow old
If you look, each face is glowing
Because again, our "D" pride is showing.

Another toast with deep humility
For special times in our memory
Of love & laughter in the good ole days
And the courage to move in separate ways.

To our alma Mater, Decatur High
A wonderful piece of American Pie
To Mr. Renfroe, who led our way
And contributed to what we are today.

To some of us with thinning hair
Or extra wrinkles here and there
Those of us with eyes to see
Toast the beauty that will always be.

A toast to our schoolmates passed away
They're in our hearts this very day
To their memory we will lift our glass
And salute our entire graduating class.

Olivia and Travolta tried to portray
The good life that we lived each day
But we have memories that won't cease
You know, we were the original "Grease".

A final toast from the heart
10 years is too long to be apart
Here's to a reunion in 1993
God bless us all, you and me.